Saturday, April 18, 2015

life is not a walk in the park.

Life is learning.
Life is beauty and peace.
Life is loving with out fears.
Life is striving to better yourself.
Life is trusting that if you fall you will be caught.
Life is being accepting of others.
Life is being willing to try new things.
Life is tolerating even the most obnoxious coworkers.
Life is dealing with the bad days to appreciate the good ones.
Life is falling in love with yourself first.
Life is not a walk in the park.

Life is so short.
Life is not to be wasted.
Life is doing something rebellious because you're only a teenager for a few years.
Life is letting go and moving on because it will be better in the end.
Life is skinning your knee on the black top.
Life is cherishing the little moments and not letting them pass by.
Life is something to be cherished. 
Your life is unique to you.
Life is about the experiences we have.
Life was never meant to be trouble-free.
Life is not a walk in the park.

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