Friday, February 6, 2015

High School is Overrated

High School didn't meet my expectations.

No meeting the love of my life at a karaoke bar.

No Zac Efron.

No massive posters of the basketball team. (actually I'm okay without this one)

No singing about your feelings, all the time.

No Zac Efron.

I mean I feel seriously gypped.

High School would've been way more fun if it was more Like High School Musical.
Why can't we all just break out into song and dance? Think how fun that would be!?
Basically TV and movies made High school seem much better and worse than it really is. I want Even though we aren't living a high school musical, I'm glad we don't have a "Sharpay" or the "Plastics" at our school. I don't think anyone in the real world would want to handle that much drama. I'm also glad that if we want we can switch friend groups, that if we don't stick to the status quo then our entire school won't shame us for it.

One additional comment: The Wildcats' rival school were the Knights, Lone Peak is the Knight, does this mean AFHS is East High School? If so then that is 100% not fair.

Hey you go listen to this song:


  1. This post was perfection, like it made my life better.

  2. I watched HSM for the first time like a year ago. I liked it.

    And you're right. It's not real.

    I could really get down with all the dancing.