Sunday, February 8, 2015

I Am Human

I am human.
I'm not just some machine,
created to get things done.
I'm more than a robot,
programmed to be precise.
I am human.

Sometimes I stumble over my words.
Some nights I forget to brush my teeth.
Some days I can barely drag myself out of bed.
Sometimes I look at her and think to myself, 
She's perfect why am I not like her?
I am human.

I make mistakes.
I struggle with math.
I don't get perfect grades on everything.
You won't find a 4.0 on my report card;
I don't need one to be proud of myself.
I am human.

I have anger issues.
Some days my anxiety will be too much to handle.
I cry over stupid things.
I've had my heart broken again and again;
But I'll smile it away and ignore the hurt,
Because I am human.

I am human,
Nothing you do or say will change that.
I will continue to fight and grow.
I will change the world,
Just you wait and see.
For I am human.


  1. Humans make mistakes.

    Well, my printer was messed up earlier today, so maybe machines make mistakes too. Screw my stupid printer. I hate that stupid thing. I'm sorry for bringing it up.

    I'm human too. Nice to meet you.

  2. The part about your smiling and ignoring the hurt got me.
    It all got me actually.
    That is too real

    Keep it up!